Room Function

So, we have all walked into a room and have said “how did it get this way?!”  We walk around and say why would my child put this in here?  Why does my husband do this in here? And so on.  When I help organize a room for someone, I am usually working with 1 person, carrying out their vision … Read More

The Little Tweaks

When I start working with a client in their home, I have a fresh set of eyes. I consider this one of my best advantages! I see what you are doing, what you struggle with and see some of the obvious things that could be tweaked to make the system and your life better. I find sometimes the little tweaks … Read More

Making Sense of Sentimental Clutter

Of all the things that I help declutter, sentimental items take the longest because each item jars a memory. And, there is no way I can determine if it should be kept or not. We all have something (or many things for that matter) that serve no purpose other than they remind us of someone, some place, an event – … Read More

Point of Use

Each item should have a point of use. I mean this is in two ways; a point to why you have it meaning how you use it and then the point of placement for use. A key thing to remember is that the why point may go away!   A Zen parable tells of a wanderer on a lonely road … Read More