Point of Use

Each item should have a point of use. I mean this is in two ways; a point to why you have it meaning how you use it and then the point of placement for use. A key thing to remember is that the why point may go away!


A Zen parable tells of a wanderer on a lonely road who came upon a torrential river that had washed out the bridge. So he built a solid and heavy raft, which carried him safely across to the other bank. “This is a good raft,” he thought. “If there’s another river ahead, I can use it.” And he carried it for the rest of his life.


How often do we hang onto things that served us well at one point in our lives but are no longer relevant or useful? It can be that juicer you bought a special diet but there it sits. It can be the heavy winter coat you used while in school in the Northeast and now you live in Florida.


These things served you well and had a point when you had them. But now they are useful but useless to you.


Clutter is something that no longer serves you. It is a delayed decision! It represents artifacts not used to their potential or perceived potential.


So, find a few things that no longer have a point of use in your life and pass it on to something that can actually use it.

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