Are you mostly organized by just seem to have trouble in a few areas?  Are you a highly motivated person; when given a to-do list or task, do you get it done?  Do you want to fix what is not working?

Then THIS is going to work for you!

This is how the “Ask the Organizer” package works:

  1. I will come to your home and you get to show me the rooms and/or systems that aren’t working. (Allow 1.5-2 hrs)
  2. With my expertise and fresh set of eyes, we will talk through the areas and hammer out some solutions.
  3. After leaving, I will type out the ideas and a plan of attack that you can execute on your own.
  4. I will also be available by email for up to 4 weeks after receipt of the plan.

This service allows you to get the help of a professional organizer but you are the manpower and executor of the plan!