When Something no Longer Serves You

We acquire things typically in two ways – either we inherit (from family or friends) them or we purchase them.

Just because we are given something doesn’t mean it is useless. We may not have planned to purchase them but when we have it we use it. Think of a hutch that you can now display entertaining pieces rather than filling up two kitchen cabinets.

Items can be used for some time or forever. The problem is holding onto forever the items that were only used for some time.

Large items like a hutch, piano, game table are very hard to work around when you no longer use them. It may literally be the stopgate for moving someone into your home because that item is taking up the room you need.

Thinking you need to keep something forever is false thinking. When something no longer serves you doesn’t mean it can’t serve someone else now. Find someone that it will serve now so you can help them and free yourself and free up your space.

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