The Clutter Challenge

Check off calendar

Clutter is an ever present problem. It’s got the creep factor where you see a bit here and there and then all of a sudden full surfaces and even rooms are out of control! The compound effect is never more evident than with stuff. I’ll remind you, clutter, by definition is a delayed decision. This brings in a challenge! A … Read More

When Something no Longer Serves You

We acquire things typically in two ways – either we inherit (from family or friends) them or we purchase them. Just because we are given something doesn’t mean it is useless. We may not have planned to purchase them but when we have it we use it. Think of a hutch that you can now display entertaining pieces rather than … Read More

Home Inventory

There is never a bad time to do a home inventory. If there is a disaster of some sort, the last thing you need is to not be compensated for your true belongings. Gather first any receipts for expensive items and scan them into a secure storage site. Second, take multiple pictures of each room or literally walk around your … Read More

Not the Time to Assess Clothing

Summer Clothing

Traditionally, around the first day of Fall, I’d be thinking of what I did and didn’t wear during the Summer season. Dresses unworn, tee shirts that just didn’t seem right, shorts that were uncomfortable and so on. With it being 2020 and the pandemic here for all of this Spring / Summer, what we wore was most likely very different … Read More

Going Green (at your own pace)

We live in a time where most people are trying to reduce, reuse and recycle. Going green isn’t just for certain people, most are aiming to do their part. Maybe you are doing some things but really want to do more. Here are some ideas to take it to the next level. Reduce or eliminate buying individually packaged drinks (i.e … Read More

COVID- 19: Get it Done!

COVID – 19 have you inside? What to do? Here are 19 ideas. Go through paper – 80% of the paper you keep you never ever look at or need. Go through clothing – let go of anything holey, not the right size, stained, uncomfortable, missing anything, etc. Consolidate all your to-do lists and start picking days to do the … Read More

Better Late than Never!

Getting things done late is better than never. This is an important lesson.  You get credit for what you finish, not for what you started.  You may be late but doing it is better than not doing it at all. In the home, finishing the laundry is key – washing, drying, folding, putting away.  If you stop in the middle, … Read More

Time to Shop!

‘Tis the Season to shop! Start overwhelm now. It can be challenging to get everyone something. Forgetting key people, shopping last minute, buying junk. Let’s get organized about it all. Grab a pad and get started. Start a list – put everyone on it: Family, Friends, Co-workers, Service Providers, Hostess gifts in one row going down. Then put a price … Read More

Being Thankful and Grateful

November has the major holiday of Thanksgiving.  Over the last few years I have seen and heard a lot of the benefits of gratitude journals and being more grateful for what we have.  Thanksgiving is a day most have atleast a few thoughts during the day about what they are thankful for. So, this November here are some things to … Read More

Back to School – Back to Routine

Summer affords us some give. Some give in our schedules and tasks. But, things slip. We get out of the habits of the good things – exercise, working on projects, certain cleaning schedules and more. Even if you don’t have children in school, the beginning of September feels like a mini-New Year. It is a great time to push the … Read More