Home Inventory

There is never a bad time to do a home inventory. If there is a disaster of some sort, the last thing you need is to not be compensated for your true belongings.

Gather first any receipts for expensive items and scan them into a secure storage site.

Second, take multiple pictures of each room or literally walk around your house and video the entire room, opening each closet as well. This will give you a visual of your stuff. Save this to a secure site as well.

Third, if other belongings are key and you do not have actual receipts, make a list of what you do know of the items and estimate what you paid and when. This will help.

Lastly, if there are invaluable/sentimental items that are irreplaceable – store them in the best place you can in the home. Basements can flood under normal circumstances. Attics can damage pictures and more. Water tight containers on main levels is ideal and that way you give them a fighting chance in case of the unforeseen.

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