Just added April 2020: With these very different days we are in due to the pandemic, it isn’t business as usual.

My business for 12 years has been 100% in person organizing.  

I LOVE working with people in their homes and physically helping people bring order to their spaces.

How it works:

  • Payment via Paypal
  • 1:1 Sessions via Zoom, Facetime or Facebook Messenger video chat
  • Duration of sessions can be however long you prefer (1 hour will be typical – longer if tackling an area together)

Although my hands can’t reach through to help, here are some ideas on what we could do virtually

  • Talk through and create a master to-do list from all your “lists”
  • Talk through issues in scheduling and make appointments for yourself to better get things done
  • Managing this uncertain time we are in – what you can be doing to keep busy and productive
  • Logistical problems within the home
  • Schooling at home – are you set up for it?
  • Breaking out large projects into steps to do
  • Tackle an area with you showing it to me, and me helping you make decisions as you take things out/go through
  • Better placement of items in a location – space planning
  • And whatever else you need a sounding board for!

Please Email me at simplyyouorganizing@gmail.com to get started!

I will send you a questionnaire and once received, we’ll set up the first appointment!