What is professional organizing?
A relatively newer profession (20-25 years), a professional organizer basically organizes. The first process is to purge and sort like with like items, but then to strategically set up the remaining items needed for the rooms’ function so that they are organized and neatly presented. Everything has a home.

How do I work?
Well, the initial assessment gives me clues into what your wants are for the space(s) and how you best work. I will then set up our first working session. A working session is where the homeowner and myself and others if available work in the space TOGETHER. I do not tell you what needs to go or stay but guide you through that decision making process. It is your stuff and I will not know if you use it or not, so it is critical that we do it as a team.  I physically help move/sort which is what most people really need, true help.
I typically set up for the first working session to be 4 hours. This is so the project gets off the ground substantially and that we have time to dive in and haul out what we determined needs to go and get the room back into some kind of working order before I leave. Sessions after that can be that long but don’t have to be.  Three hours is the norm.  And, if you handle doing things on your own well with instruction, I can give you detailed homework to do in between sessions which will lessen the time I am actually there.

What does “getting organized” mean?

Do you want to know where something is when you need it? That is being organized. The goal is come up with systems that make sense to you and that you can maintain.

How long does it take?
I do not have a clear formula for each room, kitchens take 8 hours, offices take 12; but I can tell you that everyone is different. If you are clearly ready to purge and start new, the process will go quickly. Paperwork such as old bills, mail, etc does take the most time and is a very tedious process so rooms involving paper clutter will take longer. But, you will be truly amazed what can get done in the initial 4 hour session!

Will you make me get rid of all my stuff?

Umm, no. I help you make good decisions. When needed I can help make suggestions or sway you if you can go one way or the other, but you make the final call.  This needs to be a positive process, not one of dread.

Can I afford to get organized?
You can’t afford not to! This is truly an investment in your overall state of being. Your stress level will be greatly reduced, your health will improve, you will be happier! You will also gain valuable time that is now lost to looking for things. And, reduce wasteful spending on duplicate items because you can’t find something. Rather than buying a new table or couch, uncover your old one and enjoy it.

Do I get a referral bonus?
So I LOVE referrals!  You will get $25 off your next session if your referral books a 10 hour package.

What about insurance?
Simply You is insured, rest easy.