Local Agency where I evaluted sites to create wellness areas:     My Agency had a specific desire to transform areas within our facilities into “wellness areas” using feedback from our employees and individuals that our Agency supports.  We wanted a professional to come in to assist us with this task.  We had considered several candidates however, from the very beginning Jordana stood out as the clear choice.  She understood and anticipated all of our needs and was clearly passionate about her work.  She was extremely proactive and insightful developing her own survey of targeted questions to assist in getting to heart of what our employees and individuals would want and find helpful in their new wellness space.  She thought of every detail and her recommendations directed us every step of the way.  Jordana was very reliable, flexible and creative.  She was the perfect fit for our project and a pleasure to work with.

Client Stephanie C says
“Jordana was extremely professional and nonjudgemental while helping me organize.  She kept me on task – which has been a problem with me attempting to declutter solo – and the amount of progress made was incredible!  I now utilize my kitchen and what were once hidden pots and pans regularly.  Thanks, Simply You!”

Client Mary H says
“It was great having Jordana help me.  Her tips were great and really helped me to get going on organizing my cupboards and drawers and closet.  She was a hard worker, working right along side me to get the project done.  It was a good experience and would recommend Jordana.”

Clients Jen and Larry say
“Very professional – easy to work with.  Had materials and liked the follow-up.  She helped a lot with sorting through everything.”

Client Tim M. says
“Although I consider myself an organized person Jordana made some great suggestions on staging and presentation which made for a great garage sale. Her ability to show items on Craig’s List ahead of time made it possible for us to pre-sell and create room for the sale.  Simply said she simplified the process.”

Client Susan V. says

“Working with Jordana has been more than a pleasure — it’s bliss.  Jordana knows exactly how to organize and can tailor the process perfectly for her clients.  I’m one happy camper!”

Client Kathy M. says

“Working with Jordana gave me the confidence to address the clutter in my house.  She is knowledgeable and more importantly non-judgmental!  Her enthusiasm is motivational and although I was skeptical about how much we could accomplish in just 2 hours, I was amazed!  She shared great ideas about time management and suggested several calendar systems including one she uses personally.  She meets you where you are in your process, brings multiple options, and truly wants you to succeed.  Jordana listened carefully and quickly recognized the issues I was facing even though I may not have been able to identify all of them myself.  She did not prescribe a one size-fits-all solution, and that was refreshing! ”

Client Cindi W. says

“At first I was a little overwhelmed not knowing what to expect and how we would tackle such a large project.  Jordana, you were a very calming and effective presence for me.  You were able to help me see the small steps we had to take to accomplish the overall goal.  You encouraged me to trudge forward when I was growing weary.  I am so excited about the organization of my classroom and work space.  I actually want to sit in my room to get work done.  Thank you!  I had an excellent experience and I will definitely recommend you to others as well as seek out your expertise again. ”

Client Liba A. says

“Jordana was a pleasure to work with.  She was professional, thorough and always on time.”

Client Linda K. says

“I was overwhelmed, having an 800 sq ft home and 30 years of collecting was terrible.  Working with Jordana both gave me the motivation and knowledge to make my home a welcoming place to come home to.  I’m very glad to have had Jordana’s help.”

Client Marlene C. says

“I liked the way things were suggested being non-judgmental and very helpful.  Also, the promptness and follow-through were much appreciated.”

Client Lisa C. says

“I had a very aggressive target to put my house on the market and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.  Jordana helped me declutter, pack items for storage, and stage my house for showing in only 2 weeks.  The house looked great and we received an offer in less than 30 days!  In addition, Jordana gave me great tips for organizing that I can take with me to my new house.”

Client Jean K. says

“Jordana has excellent ideas and planning strategies plus she’s energizing and so very pleasant to work with!  She’s inspired me to accomplish more work by myself.  I can’t even express what a great feeling it is to have a large area strategically and comfortably organized!”

Client Chris. A says

“Amazing is all I can say.   Jordana came equipped to help with all necessary items to facilitate moving items, etc.   She quickly assessed the situation and offered incredible solutions.   Her ability to assist in helping me make decisions as to whether to keep or get rid of things was extremely insightful. Results were beyond expectation and within  a small period of time.   On as scale of one to ten…TEN was definitely earned!  Highly recommend!”

Client Peter K. says

“Turning everything over to Jordana really simplified my life and eliminated many hours of commutiing.  I appreciated the thoroughness of her work.”

Client Carol S. says

” Jordana coming to my home gave me the help, encouragement and jump start I needed to get the cleaning out done; to get my house ready to sell.  She helped to make the experience not such a huge burden.  Thank you again for your help and organization skills and knowledge.”

Client Patti F. says

“I am very happy with the project (craftroom/office) Jordana helped me complete.  The room is now very functional & I have been spending time in the room and getting things done (which was my goal!)  I don’t think I would have been able to do this by myself.  Jordana is great at what she does & I am thrilled with the outcome!”

Client Evelyn H. says

“Working with Jordana to rid my kitchen of excess and organizing it by “type” has been a wonderful experience. I feel lighter and stress-free when working in my kitchen.”

Client Mona L. says

“This was a very thorough job. Every last item present in the area was assessed and no “stone” was left unturned.”

Client Jen T. says

“I love the way my room looks. It looks clean and organized. Thank you so much!”