The Clutter Challenge

Check off calendar

Clutter is an ever present problem. It’s got the creep factor where you see a bit here and there and then all of a sudden full surfaces and even rooms are out of control! The compound effect is never more evident than with stuff.

I’ll remind you, clutter, by definition is a delayed decision.

This brings in a challenge! A game! The Minimalists tell of the this game on their podcast. You start at the beginning of a month and each day let go of the amount of the date – Nov 1st you’d let go of 1 item, Nov 2nd you’d let go of 2 items and so on.

Some people continue by making the next month 32, 33, 34 or just restart again.

I would wait to tackle areas you have a lot to get rid of until the end days of the month. For example, if you young kids and haven’t purged toys in a bit, finding 20-25 may be easy.

Some areas to tackle – containers, mismatched socks, sleepwear, pens and pencils, toys….you get the idea. Picking one area to go into rather than just walking around the house may be easier to deep dive.

So, get started one month and see if you can get in the habit of letting go daily!

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