Not the Time to Assess Clothing

Summer Clothing

Traditionally, around the first day of Fall, I’d be thinking of what I did and didn’t wear during the Summer season. Dresses unworn, tee shirts that just didn’t seem right, shorts that were uncomfortable and so on.

With it being 2020 and the pandemic here for all of this Spring / Summer, what we wore was most likely very different than normal. If you work in an office, those bright colored business wear hung for months because you may have been parked on your couch for the last 6 months working from home.

I looked longingly at my pretty Summer clothes that just always seemed too nice or too dressy to do basically nothing. So, this is not the year to take on a major purge. This season did not produce the typical opportunities to wear your clothing. Alas, something to do next year.

But, by all means, assess those luunge and sweat pants!!

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