The Little Tweaks

When I start working with a client in their home, I have a fresh set of eyes. I consider this one of my best advantages! I see what you are doing, what you struggle with and see some of the obvious things that could be tweaked to make the system and your life better.

I find sometimes the little tweaks are what make the biggest change. Some recent examples I have done are adding over the door hooks for closets, adding 2 nails on a wall to hang a gripper used by a shorter client, adding a command hook on an interior cabinet door for oven mitts, adding a tack and Ziploc to collect box tops on the interior of a cabinet door, putting spices by the oven, and so on. These are just some things I have done in the last 2 weeks!

So, you get the idea. The little tweaks that you can do can make a difference daily. And usually, these little tweaks are so cheap. Here is a list of things to consider that may be just what you need!

  1. Add a bowl/basket where you place your keys and phone
  2. Add a command hook anywhere you need to hang something and don’t have a hook
  3. Add over the door hooks to stage the next day’s clothing or to hang up items to be re-worn
  4. 4 under the bed plastic containers can mean you have enough space in your current room!
  5. Utilize a shopping tote and hang it by your exit door to house all the things you can’t forget
  6. Binder clips…. Oh I love these! Clip together coupons, bills to pay in order they are due, group your takeout menus, use a tack with on and hang a category up easily and keep if visible, and so on
  7. A binder with clear sleeves… all those notices, calendars, info you need “out” so you can see them can be easily and more beautifully stored in a binder – just park that binder on the counter and you have it all at your fingertips
  8. A basket for all the magazines you still need to read
  9. A shoe organizer by the door
  10. A large pencil cup! Why are pens and pencils lying around? Grab a mug that is a keepsake and you don’t use and put it out where you can use it and it can be useful!

I hope something above proves useful. Or gets your mind working to find your own “little tweak”!

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