Those Items You Didn’t Choose

Doing this business of organizing for 7 years, a LOT of stuff has been let go of.  I just love the bliss someone has over really doing it.  Stuff they have put blinders up to not see for literally years.  And then I come in, we pick each item up, we talk and then yay, the words “it can go” come out!  Or some variation of it.  What seems to be the hardest are those things that were given to you for free, or handed down or dare I say, another member chose to let it go and you said but wait?!

You didn’t choose the item initially.  You didn’t take money out of your wallet per se and go out and buy it.  You didn’t walk through a store and say, yes, this is the next best piece in my wardrobe or that would look perfect in that spot I was trying to decorate.  Sure, free items can be fantastic.  But, if it doesn’t immediately go into a display location that works or you start wearing it; trust me -it never will.  These are the pieces I find most that people get wishy-washy over. “Well, that was my daughters….,””I found that on the side of the road…,””My Dad was moving and he couldn’t fit those….”  It is hard to walk away from something free and useable.  We see value that can come from the item.  But you do not have to be the one to use it!

So, choose carefully.  When you see something free, or someone is giving you something, take just 30-60 seconds to process the W’s.

Where will I put it?

When will I use it?

Why would I need/want it?

Who could use it if not me?

Unless one of those has a clear answer, you should nicely decline.  If you can answer one of these questions, sure take it.  But, choose something you can now let go of, one in – one out.  Choose wisely.

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