How much do you have?

We are all surprised sometimes by how much of one item we really do have.  If I said estimate how many pairs of socks you have – you may say 20.  But when you dump all the socks from all the locations onto the bed and tally up you have 62!  Um, that is 2 months worth!

When things are spread among several locations, we lose sight of how much we really have.  It usually isn’t intentional but just an outcome of stuffing things where we can fit them.  Add in that we don’t always let go of the old when the new comes in, we use just the top layer in a drawer and worn items are put back rather than thrown out and you now have a surplus.

If you think you may have too much of certain items, gather them all up and go through.  Have a limit in mind BEFORE you start to help you make good decisions.  Gathering up a like item is the easiest way to let go as you can instantly see the old from the, worn from good condition, etc.

So, how much do YOU have? Find out!

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