Habits are Helpful!

Habits can be super helpful.  They can solve a whole host of problems.  The key it to only change one habit at a time, make it easily attainable and commit to giving it a fair go for atleast 3 weeks – no excuses.

The reasoning is that it if you try to focus on changing a lot of things at once, you won’t be successful in any of them.  And if you pick some high and lofty goal, again it will be unattainable.  Lastly, it takes time to form the habit to set up a system to give the habit a fair shot over 3 or more weeks.

As an organizer I see almost daily things that people really should be doing but don’t do and it causes so many problems.  Here are some habits totally worth the effort!

  1.  Process the mail daily or weekly.  Set up a reminder at the time of day/day(s) of week you need to do it and just do it.
  2. Do the laundry weekly.  And all that goes with it like folding, hanging, putting it away, putting dirty clothes in the hamper and so on.  Laundry takes time so pick the laundry session wisely.  Pair with an indulgence like reading or drawing to entice you to the task at hand.
  3. Cleaning – whether it is certain jobs on certain days or all the weekly cleaning in one session – set up the days/times for each.  Things tend to go downhill when we “wing it”.
  4. Culling the clothing.  If you shop often, you will want to pick 2 times per year to cull.  Pick a Saturday or Sunday in 2 months separated by 6 months and put it on the calendar.  Better yet, give the is task to each person in the family and then you are only dealing with clothing cast outs 2 times a year! (include shoes!)
  5. Make appointments with yourself for anything you want to accomplish.  Say you want to finish a book, set up reading appointments.  Or you want to go through old photos, do the same.  But only pick one thing to tackle before moving onto the next; each time setting up appointments at the frequency you want and length you want each week.  Making appointments for yourself and keeping them leads to success every time.

So, maybe you have another habit than the above you want to accomplish. No matter what it is, clearly identify what you want to do and set up when you will do it and stick to it.  Only when it is formed as a habit do you move onto the next habit.  After a few months you will be surprised and how successful you have been!

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