Time to Shop!

‘Tis the Season to shop! Start overwhelm now.

It can be challenging to get everyone something. Forgetting key people, shopping last minute, buying junk. Let’s get organized about it all. Grab a pad and get started.

  1. Start a list – put everyone on it: Family, Friends, Co-workers, Service Providers, Hostess gifts in one row going down.
  2. Then put a price point you want to spend on that person by their name.
  3. Now gather up all the gifts you have on hand or have already bought and fill them in by who they are going to.
  4. In pencil, add ideas of what you want to get people.
  5. Now shop!

To simplify even more, try to figure out a gift that fits for many and then just buy as many as you need! The same gc for many, same bottle of wine and stopper, etc. This helps stay in budget and tick off many in one shot.

Lastly, don’t forget to take stock on wrapping supplies and add what you need to the bottom of the list!

Happy Holidays!

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