Being Thankful and Grateful

November has the major holiday of Thanksgiving.  Over the last few years I have seen and heard a lot of the benefits of gratitude journals and being more grateful for what we have.  Thanksgiving is a day most have atleast a few thoughts during the day about what they are thankful for.

So, this November here are some things to do with your stuff to reveal just how much you have and be thankful every day for what you DO have.  Use and enjoy what you have.

  1. Grab a jar and put in prominent spot with some scrap paper.  Every time anyone in the family has a thought of gratefulness, they should write it and put in the jar.  Read them on Thanksgiving to each other.
  2. Create 7 outfits using things you know you haven’t worn in a long time!  Atleast 1 of the items has to fit this category, the other can be a frequent item.  Put each outfit on its own hanger and put them ready to go in one spot. 
  3. Pull out a nice pair of shoes you tend to wait to use and put them with one of your outfits!
  4. Go through your pantry and pull out 5-10 items you just have and create meals using 1-3 of those items.  Use the web to make it easy – google recipes with 1-3 of the ingredients you have and voila!
  5. Find 4 movies you own that you love and/or haven’t seen in a while and put 4 movie nights down on your calendar.  Even invite someone over to enjoy it with and get a connection in as well.
  6. Find a game to play and play it with someone!
  7. Pick a night and go through old photos, scrapbooks, keepsake boxes.  It will be fun!
  8. Find something tucked away you love and find a home for it where you can enjoy it daily.
  9. Switch up a room to bring some “newness” to the space – it may be a furniture move, a change of pillows/curtains or a deep clean but it will make it feel better.
  10. Find a few categories of things you just have too much of and let some go to a charity that is in need of those items – nothing feels better than knowing you have so much that you can spare some.

These exercises will reveal just how much you have.  There is no better way to enter the Holiday Season than knowing you really don’t need much and have a lot.  It will put you in the mindset to maybe have a bit simplier season.  Everyone has a lot so the gift of time or an experience may be a good fit for a majority of your list.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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