Focus on Less Tasks

We are so busy. We constantly try to do more in less time. Multi-task!

Well, actually focusing on more at the same time makes each task harder and increases the likelihood of mistakes.

Focus your efforts on one task at a time. If you know you don’t have the time to actually finish the entire task, set a timer to work for a set time but again only on that one task.

Do the most important things first. Always. They may be harder but you won’t miss deadlines or in the case of bills be charged late bills and so on.

Try to use your peak energy time for focused tasks. With anything, if you are tired and scattered, doing anything even if one thing will be hard. Use the less energetic times to do the tasks that take no brain power like taking out the trash, doing the dishes or laundry, etc.

Focusing on one thing at a time during peak energy times will GET THINGS DONE!

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