10 Things to do for the Holidays NOW

10 Things to do for the Holidays NOW

The holiday season is ramping up – it started 11/1!  Every year for most is seems like a hectic race to the finish line.  It doesn’t have to be.  Do these 10 things and set yourself up for a bit more of an organized season.

  1.  Make a list of all the people you need to buy for
  2. Fill in as many of the known gifts you can – i.e. gc to Best Buy, $50, …
  3. On your calendar fill in any known events – Victorian Street Stroll, masses, invites you already have
  4. Hosting dinners or parties?  Decide on the dates and send out save-the-dates if needed
  5. For those parties, use a full sheet of paper to log guest list, menu, to-do’s
  6. Take stock of your wrapping supplies and make a list of what to get early
  7. Schedule 2-3 blocks of 3-4 hours of shopping time
  8. Schedule 2-3 blocks of 1-2 hours of wrapping time
  9. Start an envelope for all receipts
  10. Breathe!  Enjoy the holiday season knowing you have planned out some of the hard stuff!

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