How much is too much?

I often get asked when working with clients the question “How much is too much of x?”

It may be clothing, it may be crafting items, it may be serving platters.  There is no answer I can give!  It has to be determined by the owner of the items.

If you have 2 huge closets but you have several bins of clothing that doesn’t fit in them, then you probably have too much clothing.  If you have a entire buffet of serving dishes but then a full dining table too, then you probably have too much serving items.  I usually lean towards if you have an ample, appropriate storage space, then that should be your limit. It makes sense there.  It is easy manage there.  You still have a lot but not too much.

So, if you are asking yourself this question, try to first figure out your limit.  If it is a good size, that category should fit in that limit.

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