Manage Laundry Better

Everyone’s got laundry!

I know some do it a lot more often than others (run out of underwear recently?), but you still need to do it!  Most sort into at least 2 categories, dark and light.  One simple time saver is to have 2 hampers!  You can get them for under $10 all over the place and it saves the time to sort.  Over time, this easy step streamlines laundry and saves time.

Further more, by doing a load of lights – most are socks, towels, undershirts – you get similar things which makes putting away a bit faster!

One further point, actually a major point, is not washing everything after one use!  I read that jeans can go 3, yes 3, months without needing to be washed!  Well, my jeans are usually on during organizing projects and get quite dusty so I will be washing mine more often.  But, a sweater with a layer underneath, those jeans worn out for 3 hours, the blouse worn at that meeting with freezing AC – all can be worn again.  Try to re-hang or fold the item back to where you normally put it RIGHT after taking it off.  If you aren’t good at that, invest in an over the door hook system for already worn clothes or even a coat tree for one corner of your bedroom.  The floor shouldn’t be the location because then it will indeed get dirty and can’t be worn again.

Downy wrinkle release and fabreeze are 2 great products to keep multi-worn items looking fresh!  Keep them on hand to help reduce the wash.

Lastly, scheduling.  Picking a day each week really does streamline the system and keeps things from becoming too daunting.  Give these tips a try and manage the laundry beast a bit better.

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