Simple Colors

I recently took a vacation to a cute little town in Vermont.  During my stay at a B&B, my husband noted the mugs and dishes used from the pottery place up the road.  We decided to stop in to check it out.

Walking in, it felt like what a massage would look like.  All white walls, light pine floors and all the goods – pottery, wood, linens – were all white or unstained wood.  It was so visually pleasing and serene that I instantly wanted everything.  As my husband stated, this store makes me want to get rid of everything we own and buy it all.  Not only because the pieces were beautiful, but because they were simple.

I think we crave simplicity because it feels so good.  When I start in any room with any client, we do the visual clutter first.  To clear surfaces simplifies the space.

To take it to the next level, the colors and objects in the room should be considered for the simplicity of color.  A lot of people love big, bold colors.  So if that is you, great!  Surround yourself with all that you want.  But to others, color can be distracting.  Consider when you buy decor or bins to put your stuff in, neutrals of white, tan and wood tones.  By simplifying the space in stuff and in color, you will feel more peaceful.  You will also have more clarity to be productive.  Add some light music and scents from a candle and you will truly be at peace in your home.

I ended up only purchasing a vase because I actually have fresh flowers all the time so it will be something I can use and enjoy daily.  But, it does make me think of what I can do in my own home to make thinks feel and look simpler.  It may not happen right away, but it is a goal I can aim for.

So, seek simplicity in your color scheme and discover how that can make you feel more at peace in your space.


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