The Maybe’s

How much of your clutter is “the maybe’s?”  Maybe I will take a trip there.  Maybe I will use that in a project.  Maybe I will fit into those pants again.  These are the things we have questions on and weigh us down with indecision.

So, where does all the current trip planning, current projects and current pants stand out?  They don’t.  They are crowded by all this maybe stuff which probably means nothing stands out.

If everything is important, nothing is important.

Cull all the maybe’s by really answering the specifics on each one.  If you went on that trip in say 7 years, would that article be the most up to date info on the best spots to hit?  Probably not.  That restaurant could have changed hands 3 times, and that hotel beaten out by a new on on the water!  That item for that project; the fabric is in pastels and you have changed the room you were going to put it in to bold colors.  And those pants, lets just say fashion changes and the first thing all people do is buy NEW clothing when they lose weight.

Let them go.  Freeing up the space to arrange and see the items you use and love all the time makes you well use and love them.  You can grab all the pants that fit.  You can see the items for the projects that you most want to get to and actually do them.  And go ahead and plan that trip that fits your interests and money right NOW.

The now’s have more room to shine with all the maybe’s gone.

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