‘Tis the Season of Sharing

‘Tis the Season of Sharing

With the Holiday Season here, it becomes a sea of purchases, receipts and parties.  I think it a great time to share what we have but don’t need.  Create a season of sharing by letting go of belongings no longer loved or needed with those that can love and use them!

Got too many clothes?  Coat drives, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, job training programs, hospitals and disaster relief organizations

Too many toys?  Children’s hospitals, police departments, day care centers, preschools, domestic violence shelters, books for doctors offices

Books or Magazines?  School libraries, day cares, literacy centers, hospitals

Furniture?  Churches, schools, homes for families in transition, disaster relief organizations

Sporting Equipment?  Scout troops, disabled athletes organizations, camps for sick children, schools

Computers?  Schools, senior citizen centers, electronic clubs at schools

Crafting Supplies?  Day care centers, scouting organizations, senior centers, schools, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters

Pick an area or two you would like purge out and then find a few organizations that give those in need items.

Nothing gets you more in the spirit than giving and helping others!

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