Movie Time

Movies, most people love to watch movies.  The stories they tell, the enjoyment they bring.  We all have our favorites, right?!?  Well, we can’t love them all.

If you buy a lot of movies then chances are you have a large library of movies at home.  And chances are you may have some in formats that you no longer use (eh hem VHS).  So, let’s list out the questions that can get you to a streamlined movie library.  This should be done yearly to keep the quantity in check.

  1.  Do I have a system to play this movie on?  If you don’t, let it go.  For VHS, unless someone gives a player to you, you can’t buy as they stopped making them!  Let them go (in trash, can’t recycle).
  2.   Did you actually like the movie?  Love the movie?
  3.   If no, let it go, you won’t choose to watch it again.
  4.   If yes, do you think even though it was good you would choose to sit down and watch again?  If no, let it go.
  5.   If you have access to it now via Amazon, Hulu, Netflix of the like, let it go.  Easier to store digitally

What you have left are the likes and loves you would choose to watch again.  For kids, this will change as they mature and that is why you should go through yearly.  DVD’s can be donated to the library or sold at a sale.

Now won’t your library look great all streamlined!

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