Limits are super helpful when you have an area that you just can’t seem to keep in check.  Limits can be for your time, money, things, relationships; almost anything.

A great quote on limits is from “The Power of Less” by Leo Babauta.  “A life without limits is taking a cup of red dye and pouring it into the ocean, and watching the color dilute into nothingness.  Limited focus is  putting the same cup of dye into a gallon of water.”


So let’s talk limits and how it relates to stuff.  Downsizing your wardrobe and saying I will have 150 garments at all times is a limit.  When a new item comes in, an old one goes out. Or, I will only have shoes that can fit in this area or socks in just one drawer.  The space is the limit.

It is very powerful to establish a limit.  Not only does it control the flow in and out, it also helps put limits on the time needed to maintain that limit of stuff.  How easy is it to put your shoes away when you know that all fit in the space you have allotted.

Limits can also create healthy boundaries.  Someone offers you free clothing – your out is I don’t have room for them, I am using what I have and my limit is met.  Or I can’t come to that meeting, my 4 hours for that organization is already met this week.  To say yes to something is to say no to something else.  Your time is finite, your space is finite.  Limits are powerful in managing all things.

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