I see this a lot in homes, a new bed is bought because well you need it and suddenly you decide the old one is still useful so you put it in the basement.  New couch? Well, let’s place the old one in the basement with the other couch that we actually bought for the space as a spare.  Because it is a duplicate or extra, there is never a good home for it.  Everything has to be moved so you can hold on to it to eeck out a bit more life from it or “just in case.”

Unless you have completely empty rooms you are trying to furnish allowing the new item to go in the space you want it and the older one goes into an empty room to help build a function, there is hardly a good reason to keep what you are replacing.  You don’t love it because it has seen better days.  You don’t use optimally because you have the newer, improved one.  You get frustrated because the space you put it in is now cluttered and not as usable.  So many reasons.

When you get something new, let the old one go.  One in, one out.  And, usually the place delivering the new item has free haul away!  Missing that opportunity usually lends itself to outlaying money to have a removal company come in.  It is best to love and use the new purchase and let go of the older one and know it served you well and its time has passed.  Duplicity lends to a cluttered space, let it go!

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