Less is More

Less is more.  I see this statement a lot with organizing and minimalism articles, posts, advertisements and such.

What does this really mean?

Well, let me explain.  By less, this means less belongings in all areas.  Less paper, less clothing, less toys, less stuff and maybe less obligations that are negative.  When you have less stuff, it naturally takes less time to maintain these things.

You thus have more time to do what you want.  You have more energy because you are not wasting it looking for things and moving things around to consolidate, more enjoyment because you can see and use or enjoy what you have, more money as you won’t be making replacement purchases or frustration purchases because there is so much that you just don’t want to find out if you have what you need already.  And well more life; more life because you will be pursuing things of importance like volunteering for causes of interest or developing that side business and you will be entertaining in your home because you can or meeting up because you have time to spend on fun things, not organizing and maintaining “stuff.”

So, with less stuff you will have more of the important things. Let go to gain time, energy, money, happiness and more!

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