Add a Power Hour

I have been “happily” listening to the Happier Podcasts by Gretchen Rubin.  She has several great books out there on happiness and living a better life.  In the attached link for Podcast #6 she speaks on having a power hour.  Atleast once a week, set aside one hour to do the mini tasks that you have put off.  Trust me, most take no longer than 2 minutes yet we put them off for months!

Here is a list of typical power hour tasks: (always set a timer and stay to just the power hour list of to-do’s)

  • Change a light bulb in your bathroom
  • RSVP to a class you want to take
  • Call and make that hair appointment
  • Schedule the car service
  • Swiffer the ceiling/corners for cobwebs
  • Change out a framed picture (if you have the replacement already)
  • Tidy up your nightstand
  • Email a friend, while you are at set up a date to actually see them!
  • Purge the magazine and/or newspaper pile
  • refold linens

You get the idea.  Have a pad or hanging lined paper where whenever you think of something you need to do but just can’t do it then, add it to the list.  Each power hour, just pull an item, do it, then another and so on until your 60 minutes is up.  You can get ambitious and do this multiple times a week or even daily if there are just so many of these to-do’s.  Key is to schedule it and stick to it.

Power through it!

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