Lose Tonnage

Lose Tonnage

This was a previous years’ January Newsletter and because it is January again, well, it is a good read!  Enjoy!

Let me first start by wishing you a Happy New Year!  If you are local, you are starting your year snowed in.  I am trying to be very productive on this snow day and completing this newsletter was one major task.  Several more were completely so the new year is looking up, even with a blizzard.

January brings resolutions and goals each year.  Again, one of the most widely stated goals is getting organized.  January is GO (Get Organized) Month.   In previous years, I have discussed how being specific on your goals makes you more likely to succeed.  Also, breaking them up into sub-goals works best too.  Small successes build to one major success.

This year, I want to focus more on the weight of our clutter.  Mentally and emotionally it weighs on us because it is a constant, visual reminder of what we haven’t done or what we aren’t good at.  It overwhelms us on all levels.  But, let’s look at the actual weight of the items.

Often when I am helping tackle clutter in a home, it literally almost feels like the house will float up!  We have let go of so much stuff the room or house may float up because the stuff has been reduced so dramatically.  Rather than challenging yourself on a specific project or multiple projects, how about a weight goal?

I did my own mini project at home to figure just this out.  I did some yearly paper recycling, magazine purging, bathroom product purging and more!  Let’s see how it adds up:

  1. A banker’s box of paper weighed in at 40lbs
  2. 1 grocery bag of trash/recycling was 2 lbs (obviously what is in it will vary weight)
  3. 15 misc bathroom products in varying amounts left was 5lbs
  4. 25 magazines was 16lbs


I lost 63 lbs of clutter in just this mini-purge!

If you have a lot to go through, set up some weight goals – 100 lbs in a weekend, or 10lbs daily.  Or even 500 in a month in a few big spurts and a conscience effort daily.  Pull out a scale and tare it with a large box and then put your items in there before letting go.  Enter amounts with item description on a tally sheet you post nearby.  The results will be tangible and exciting.  If you choose to do this, I would LOVE to hear your results either at the end or along the way.

Wishing you an organized and clutter free or clutter lessening year!  As well as happiness and good health.

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