Thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only a few days away.  It is this time of year that is the best reminder to us all to be thankful for what we have.  This holiday is being taken over literally by stuff.  Sales on stuff we really don’t need.  I am amazed by how much the marketing plays into the “you must have this” mentality.  Really?  Do we really need to have that item?

Rather than sitting in our homes being thankful for who and what we currently have, we are rushing to eat to make it to the stores to load up on items we neither need or even really want!  We buy to just buy!

A great exercise is to walk around your home before you go out shopping and really look at what you have.  Your tv, does it work?  Do you really need an extra 2 inches?  How many movies do you need to own?  With so many services out there that I am sure you are paying for, do you need to buy the actual physical movie?  Toys, well we all know that kids these days have so much that they only play with a fraction of them now.

So, if there is really is an item(s) you have been waiting to buy to score a deal on, great!  Make a list of just those items and go out for “just” those items.  If you are replacing something, make sure the old one gets out of the home within the next week or two or it will become clutter.

Be mindful this holiday of needs versus wants because they all cost you; both in money and space.  Be thoughtful of what you have already, be thankful for them and consider carefully adding to what you have.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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