One thing I see a lot of while I am organizing is boxes!  Boxes from orders, boxes from shoes, boxes from electronics, and so on.  I am all for keeping boxes but there has to be a limit.

Little boxes – grab a plastic bin or a large electronics box that you think you want to keep and fold in the top tabs.  The inside of this is your limit for little boxes.

Medium to large boxes – grab the biggest and fill it either with a few nestled in each other or cut the tape, flatten and line them up like files in the box.  This is your limit for these.

Electronic boxes – if you have had the item for over year, probably safe to let it go.  If you think you may be moving in the next year, yes, save them for moving the item that came in that box and then let it go on the other end.  Most items have warranties.  Past that, you would be bringing it to a local shop and just putting in your car.  For small electronics, there is the possibility of selling them; box may come in handy then.  But if that is something you do not do, let it go.

The key to all “stock” items is limits and storage in one spot.  No one needs half of their basement to be empty boxes.  So, set up one spot and institute the above limits/set-up and sleep well at night knowing you have enough on hand and you know where they are.

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