Closet #2 Before and After

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This was a small closet that could be a coat closet but was just a catch-all. Removed all the trash and items that didn’t below to place in it party supplies, create a wrapping storage space and extra papers bin.  Space to hang extra coats is now available and there was even enough floor space now to park the vacuum … Read More

Craft Area #2 Before and After

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Half of a home office was used as a crafting area.  Too many supplies and a covered workspace led to not being able to actually craft in the area.  Going through all the supplies and utilizing a new shelving unit as well as creating an L work space gave the client the perfect space to create.

Kitchen #3 Before and After

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Kitchen station was a catch all for everything and worked for nothing.  This area became a baking prep area with most used utensils in a caddy and the main ingredients handy out in canisters.  Every cabinet in this area was emptied and only items for baking (special spices, all measuring tools, cutters and more) were replaced in this area.

What does 1 hour look like?


This is a linen closet, done in just 1 hour.  Towels, sheets, blankets and overflow toiletries were gone through, some thrown out and some donated, then kept items placed on strategic shelves.