Ok, so you found your life companion, your true love – but have you found your life partner?  A partnership is a joining of two things, in this case two people, two households, two sets of most things!  What do most couples fight about…the house and the stuff in it.  You can do yourselves a big favor by really making good starting decisions on everything and communicating on what goes in the house, where it goes and how it will be maintained.

Step #1:  Meet with both of you and talk!

Step #2: Visit both homes and take stock

Step #3: Review all and make detailed lists/to-do’s and more

Step #4: Execute

Step #5: Follow-up


Lists generated but not limited to:

  • Specifics being taken from each space to avoid duplication
  • Moving checklist
  • Needs in new space for each person
  • Chore List